Thanks for all your support and love for the past 40 years. To celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary, the theme of the new parade will be「ARIGATO HUG YOU/ Say thanks to your loved ones」. Come and join us in this wonderful parade!


  Jewelpet Dokidoki Magical☆march

Get your heart pumping with Kitty, Ruby, Sapphire and Gamet in this exciting participatory live show! (Accessory \600 / limited number)


  Happy Happy Birthday Show

Sing! Dance! Enjoy your birthday together with friends as well as the Puroland cast of characters! It’s party time.


  Hello Kitty in Wonderland

A dream collaboration between Hello Kitty and the classic tale of Alice. Follow Kitty’s heart-stopping adventures in Wonderland with the white rabbit Kyle. Can she return the heart that was stolen from the queen? Get ready for a thrilling ride through this magical land of fantasy and fun!


  My Melody & The legend of Star and Flower

The mystical Flower Spirit and the Water Spirit with eternal life. Upon a chance encounter, the two fall in love, but must part after only 3 days together in this love romance musical, brought to you by My Melody and the fairies.


  Sanrio Character Boat Ride

One day an invite to Kitty's party arrived at Cafe Cinnamon. After preparing lots of yummy cinnamon rolls as a present, cinnamonroll and friends set off for Kitty's castle...
Get an original photo at Kitty's party!

※Sanrio Character Boat Ride Original Photo Frame (1,000yen)

  Jewelpet Kira☆Deco!
The Musical~Aim for Idol No.1!~

Jewel Land is the stage as Ruby, Sapphie, Labula and Angela finally get their dream audition for hero idol unit Kiradeco 5. Only one of them will get the job—who will be the No.1 idol !?


  Lady kitty house

The famous celebrity Hello Kitty welcomes her friends and Kitty fans all over the world in Lady Kitty House. You will see Lady Kitty’s lifestyle by knowing her hobby, fashion and comfort in this「Kawaii×Celebrity」-fulfilled-house! All visitors will be invited to Lady Kitty House as celebrity guests. In this house, guests can enjoy various attractions by seeing, listening, photographing, experiencing and even greeting with Kitty!

  ~My Melody & KUROMI~ Mymeroad Drive

「~My Melody & Kuromi~Mymeroad Drive」is an anxiously awaited new ride attraction. The Eco Melody Car, designed by Melody’s rival Kuromi, will take you around MARILAND. There are 6 photo points where you can take commemorative photos during the drive. (Sponsored by FUJI Film Imaging Systems).

  ~Kiki & Lala~ Twinklingtour

「~Kiki & Lala~ Twinkling tour」is a walk-through attraction. In ‘Dream Star Cloud ’ where Little Twin Stars were born, The cloud machine and Kiki & Lala’s house are all surrounded by cloud, moon and stars. Let’s experience this fantastic world.

  My Melody in Akazukin
~My Melody's Wondrous Adventure~

Come enjoy yourself in the fun, fairy-tale world of Akamero. Roam this attraction with a My Melody-shaped tag equipped with an IC chip that lets you play three of six available games in which other Sanrio characters appear in supporting roles.

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